Development editing of ELT materials

A good development editor will follow your brief closely, asking pertinent questions to avoid costly mistakes. I’ll build a strong relationship with the author of the content from the early stages of the project, supporting them through each draft stage by making informed suggestions in a diplomatic way.

I strike a balance between making decisions about changes to content and consulting with you: you’ll have peace of mind that the material will be consistent with your specifications but your work load will be lighter.

Throughout the project, I will …

  • attend in-house meetings as and when required. (Being located in Cambridge, I’m within easy travelling distance of many publishers.)
  • liaise closely with writers and negotiate changes to content. I build strong relationships with authors, yet retain a professional distance.
  • negotiate difficult decisions, remaining loyal to my clients at all times.
  • ensure the high quality of material aimed at adult learners, secondary school students, teachers and academic researchers.SfEP-badge-[Advanced-Professional-Member]-Retina


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Content development

arrow-w14 edit students’ books, workbooks, methodology courses, skills books

arrow-w14 develop online and DVD components

arrow-w14 edit assessment material: I’ve developed specialist knowledge of assessment criteria through specifying testing components in-house and item writing.