What types of material will you edit?

As you’ll see from my portfolio, I specialise in editing adult and teen English language teaching materials. Within this field, I can work on a variety of different lists:



  • English for academic purposes
  • English for specific purposes
  • Business
  • General adult courses
  • General secondary teen courses
  • Skills

I have an educational background in Art History, so if you’re looking for someone to edit books on Critical and Contextual Studies, I’d be happy to help.


What types of material will you write?

In short, anything that I have taught or currently teach:

  • English for academic purposes
  • General secondary teen courses
  • General adult course
  • Skills

As I keep my teaching skills up to date, I can also trial anything I write, which will keep editing time needed to a minimum.

Will you copy edit and proof read?

My editorial strengths lie in development editing, and I believe that a manuscript benefits from a fresh set of eyes when it comes to copy editing and proof reading, which is why I prefer to hand over the project to an expert copy editor once the content is finalised. I understand that it is often more convenient to hire a ‘one-size-fits-all’ editor who will take your project from the beginning to the end of the publishing process. To avoid your having to spend valuable time briefing a copy editor, I’m happy to do so and liaise with one of the reliable copy editors I have experience in working with. I always offer a handover period in which I’ll address any queries the copy editor might have.

Can you work for me in-house?

For specific projects which require another in-house member of staff, I sometimes work in-house for a couple of days per week for a limited amount of time. We’d work together to discuss your needs and the services I could potentially offer.

What’s your rate?

For editorial work and project management work, I charge on an hourly basis. I’m happy to work at a daily rate if this is easier to monitor. Only in exceptional circumstances will I work for a flat fee. Prices are very competitive. Please get in touch for more information. I have written for flat fees and royalties in the past. I am happy to consider either option, but feel it’s only fair that the fee proposed approximates my hourly rate and reflects the the amount of time the writing project is likely to take.


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