Project management for ELT publishers

Do you need the complete package?

Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient if you had a single point of contact who could organise for your project to be developed, reviewed or tested, copy-edited, designed up and proof edited? Whether you need a project manager to work with the waterfall or agile development approach, in print or in digital format, CreatEd can work flexibly to offer you a comprehensive ELT packaging service, and give you peace of mind that the work will be of the highest quality possible.

With big projects and tight deadlines, the ability to expand your team quickly in order to meet deadlines is vital. I have proven experience of sourcing teams of specialist freelance editors and authors with immediate availability and of working with them to deliver the product on time and in line with your brief.

As a project manager, writing project briefs, devising schedules, overseeing content development and liaising with everyone involved are just some of my services that can ensure your project runs smoothly.

Having been a publisher of general adult courses, I’m no stranger to juggling a number of different components and working with editors with varying levels of experience.

It’s great to become involved with a project from the very beginning – so that working practices, schedules and briefs can all be agreed at the offset. But I’m equally comfortable with taking up the reins of a project when it’s part-way through its development: creative problem solving is one of my strengths. Of course, if you’d rather manage the development of your project in house, and farm out the copy editing and design, CreatEd has established relationships with design houses and works with them to ensure your vision for the completed project is realised.

At the outset of the project, I can …

  • conduct competition analysis and  write feasibility reports, so you can take a project to approval with confidence.
  • write detailed project briefs and reports that are watertight and answer freelancers’ questions before they need to ask them.
  • source teams of editors and / or writers with a range of specialist skills.
  • devise schedules through manuscript and proof stages and negotiate changes with suppliers and freelancers on your behalf.

During the project, I will …

  • maintain regular contact with you, so you don’t need to ask for project updates.
  • oversee content development of a range of components, so you don’t have to read content or editorial feedback if you don’t have time.
  • manage editorial and authorial teams, so you don’t need to spend time writing carefully-worded, diplomatic emails.
  • set up photo or video shoots and recording sessions and keep track of the many participants and details.
  • arrange and lead editorial meetings, negotiating changes to content with authority, while employing a flexible approach and ensuring that all participants are heard.
  • liaise with publishers and collaborate with designers and software developers.
  • train and mentor newly employed in-house editors. My training style is inductive, rather than deductive: I like to enable and appreciate that everyone brings their own strengths to the job.

Contact me to discuss what you need …

Project management

arrow-w14 commission teams of editors and writers
arrow-w14 conduct competition analysis
arrow-w14 write project briefs
arrow-w14 devise schedules
arrow-w14 oversee content development
arrow-w14 manage editorial and authorial teams
arrow-w14 set up photo / video shoots and recording sessions

Some kind words from members of specialist freelance teams:

“Thanks to you too for getting me involved and for overseeing the whole thing so smoothly and competently. There was a bit of pressure with the tight deadline, but pressure never descended into stress. I take my hat off to you for managing it all so well” (Anthony Cosgrove, Freelance editor)

“Well done getting everything done – a herculean effort, As for working with you again, I’d love to. So do please get in touch if you think I could be part of any project where you feel I could be useful. I’ve found this one very interesting and you’ve been super to work with” (Alison Silver, Freelance editor)